Snorlax can take a lot of hits. It’s a dependable Pokémon that can protect its allies from harm.

Snorlax was first introduced in Generation 1.

Snorlax is a Melee Defender that deals Physical Attack damage.

Snorlax's passive ability is Gluttony, which increases the effects gained from eating Berries.

Snorlax's Viability Stats:

Offense Endurance Mobility Scoring Support
3 10 4 3 5

Snorlax's Stats at Level 15:

HP Attack Defense Sp. Atk Sp. Def Speed
9899 345 580 116 400 3650

Snorlax's Abilities:

Level Unlocked Ability Name Ability Description Cooldown Damage at Level 15
1 Tackle Charge forward belly first, dealing damage when it hits and shoving the first enemy it comes in contact with. After this move, the user's next basic attack becomes a boosted attack. 6s 1469
1 Rest Has the user fall asleep on the spot and restores its HP. Blocks the movement of all enemies while this move is in effect. 10s 0
6 Heavy Slam Has the user slam its heavy body down, dealing damage to enemies in the area of effect and throwing them. 7s 1717
6 Flail Has the user flail about, increasing the user's basic attack damage the lower the user's HP is. 6.5s Variable
8 Block Has the user spread its arms wide to create a wall and grants it a shield. Prevents enemies from passing through the wall and shoves them if they run into it. 11s 0
8 Yawn Has the user let loose a huge yawn that lulls enemies into a sleepy haze, putting enemies hit by this move to sleep. 12s 0
10 Power Nap Go to sleep and begin snoring, dealing damage over time to enemies in the area of effect and throw them. While sleeping, become immune to hindrances and continually restore HP. Variable 2316