Pokémon Unite currently has 16 held items.
Each Pokémon can hold up to three held items, each providing a different effect and stat increase.
These items can be leveled up from Level 1 to Level 30, and provide additional benefits at Levels 10 and 20.

Item Description Additional Effects At Level 1 At Level 10 At Level 20
Aeos Cookie When you score a goal, your maximum HP is raised for the rest of the match up to a maximum of six times. +240 HP 100 HP 150 HP 200 HP
Assault Vest Gain a shield against Sp. Attack damage while out of combat for 8 seconds. +270 HP
+42 Sp. Def
9% of HP 12% of HP 15% of HP
Attack Weight When you score a goal, your Attack is raised for the rest of the match up to a maximum of six times. +18 Atk 6 Atk 9 Atk 12 Atk
Buddy Barrier Grant a shield to you and a nearby ally Pokémon with the lowest HP when using your Unite Move for 8s. +600 HP 20% of HP 30% of HP 40% of HP
Energy Amplifer After using your Unite move, deal increased damage for 4s. +6% Energy Gather Rate
+4.5% Cooldown Reduction
7% Damage 14% Damage 21% Damage
Exp. Share Increases the Pokémon's Passive Exp. Point gain while it has the fewest Exp. Points on its team.
In addition, when a nearby teammate defeats a wild Pokémon that teammate gains slightly more Exp. Points.
+240 HP
+150 Speed
2 Exp/s 3 Exp/s 4 Exp/s
Float Stone Increases movement speed after being out of combat for 8s. +24 Atk
+120 Speed
10% Speed 15% Speed 20% Speed
Assault Vest When dropping to low HP, recover HP lost each second for 3s. Has a cooldown of 90s. +30 Sp. Def
+30 Def
8% of HP lost 11% of HP lost 14% of HP lost
Leftovers Recovers health over time after being out of combat for 8s. +240 HP
+9 HP Recovery
1% HP/s 1.5% HP/s 2% HP/s
Muscle Band Deal additional damage with basic attacks based on the target's remaining HP. +15 Atk
+7.5% Atk Speed
1% remaining HP 2% remaining HP 3% remaining HP
Rocky Helmet After absorbing enough damage, deal percent damage based on your max HP to nearby opponents. Has a cooldown of 2s. +240 HP
+42 Def
3% max HP 4% max HP 5% max HP
Scope Lens Increases the damage of basic attack critical hits. The higher your Attack, the more the damage is increased.
Has a cooldown of 1s.
+6% Cirtical-Hit chance
+12% Critical-Hit chance
45% of atk stat 60% of atk stat 75% of atk stat
Score Shield Shields you while you attempt to score a goal. Scoring cannot be interrupted while the shield remains active.
Has a cooldown of 6s.
+450 HP 5% of HP 7.5% of HP 10% of HP
Shell Bell Recover HP when successfully landing a move. The higher your Sp. Attack, the more HP recovered. Has a 10s cooldown. +24 Sp. Atk
+4.5% Cooldown Reduction
45 HP 60 HP 75 HP
Special Attack Specs When you score a goal, your Sp. Attack is raised for the rest of the match up to a maximum of six times. +24 Sp. Atk 8 Sp. Atk 12 Sp. Atk 16 Sp. Atk
Wise Glasses Further increase Sp. Attack damage. +39 Sp. Atk 3% Sp. Atk 5% Sp. Atk 7% Sp. Atk