Gardevoir strikes its opponents from far away with its mysterious psychic power. It has a lot
of moves with unique movements, but they are very powerful when used effectively.

Gardevoir was first introduced in Generation 3.

Gardevoir is a Ranged Attacker that deals Special Attack damage.

Gardevoir's passive ability is Synchronize, which inflicts on the opponent the same decreased
movement speed or damage-over-time condition inflicted on Gardevoir.

Gardevoir's Viability Stats:

Offense Endurance Mobility Scoring Support
9 3 3 6 3

Gardevoir's Stats at Level 15:

HP Attack Defense Sp. Atk Sp. Def Speed
6320 334 174 1001 138 3700

Gardevoir's Abilities:

Level Unlocked Ability Name Ability Description Cooldown Damage at Level 15
1 Confusion Attacks straight in the designated direction. 4.5s 1152
1 Teleport Has the user warp to the designated area, increasing the damage dealt by one basic attack after warping. 11s 0
6 Psyshock Attacks the designated location three times. This move's cooldown is reduced each time one of these attacks hits an enemy. 10s 4362
6 Future Sight Sets a delayed explosion. When the explosion hits an enemy, it reduces this move's cooldown. 9s 2665
8 Psychic After hitting an enemy or traveling its maximum distance, deals damage over time to enemies in the area of effect and decreases their movement speed for a short time. 7s 1839
8 Moonblast Has the user attack while moving back to create distance. When the move's blast hits, it deals damage to enemies in a cone and leaves the enemy closest to the user unable to act for a short time. 6s 1359
10 Fairy Singularity Warps Space in the designated area, drawing in enemies to the center. Shoves and deals damage to enemies the instant the warped space disappears. Variable 3516