Pokémon Unite currently has 8 battle items.
Each Pokémon can hold one battle item, which can be used multiple times throughout a match.

Item Description Cooldown
Potion Restores 15% of your max HP. 30s
X Attack Raises your Attack and Special Attack by 15% for 5s. 40s
X Speed Raises your movement speed and gives immunity to move speed reduction for 6s. 50s
Fluffy Tail Incapacitate wild Pokémon and increase damage dealt to them by 50% for 4s. 25s
Eject Button Quickly move in a designated direction. 55s
Slow Smoke Create a ring of smoke around you, greatly slowing enemies within for 1s. 40s
Full Heal Remove all status conditions and become unstoppable for 2.5s. 40s
Goal-Getter Doubles goal scoring speed for a short time for 10s. 120s